Introducing the AMAZING Blast-O-Matic Ray Gun that will be your LAUNCH PAD into the FUTURE!


The Blast-O-Matic has an INCREDIBLE number of uses: 


- Battle hostile bipedal reptilian bosses in your space-age workplace with the FRY-ZIL-LA beam!

- No more locking your keys in your flying car! The Blast-O-Matic's twin MEG-A-BLAST beams will cut the lock out in a JIFFY!

- Amaze and stun your friends and family with ULTR-A-STUN!

- ATOM-O-TICKLE will *really* stir your Vodka and Tang® while you slice and dice vegetables for your party with the NEUTR-O-SLICE setting!

- Hungry after hibernating on those long inter-galactic flights? No problem! THERM-O-PULSE will instantly heat your frozen "in-flight" snack and keep you warm while crossing the icy void of space!


But wait, that's NOT all!!

- The Blast-O-Matic comes with 9 different beams that you can adjust to 5 different settings!

- And, the Blast-O-Matic has got what every space cadet needs in a sticky situation: SELF-DESTRUCT! Unleash the powerful SELF-DESTRUCT force that can eliminate your enemies, their ship, and all evidence of your presence! Just dial in the 3-step initiation sequence, use your jet pack to safely rocket out of there, then KABOOM! Now, don't try this at home!



Unlike those other cheap, rubber-coated laser weapons, the Blast-O-Matic is made of the strongest, lightest material in the known worlds.......... LITE-A-NIUM!


And rather than using yesterday's technology of producing beams with photons, wizBOTZ forges the future with an entirely new discovery! The Blast-O-Matic beams are produced from crystal cleartonium lattices that are found in a binary star system that even we can't pronounce! Rest assured, the cleartonium beams are perfectly safe for humans at low levels, but crank the Blast-O-Matic up to full power and it'll take down giant-sized atomic monsters or blast flying saucers right out of the atmosphere!


So space-suit up and BLAST OFF to the FUTURE with your very own Blast-O-Matic Ray Gun!